Wanderlust World Guide Award Silver Winner - NITIN DHAMI
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India is a place that will bring all 5 senses alive...
Mystic Nepal is spiritual, colourful and adventours!
Mystical Bhutan a place where peace is felt!




Culture that surrounds you and nature that humbles you is what this country has to offer!
See this wonderful country and fantastic culture, not to mention the food!
The unknown country that not to many tourist visits but yet so beautiful and undiscovered!

Nitin always wanted to give us the best experience he could. He was very understanding of individual problems -- eg people with medical issues. Handled a case of dog bite professionally.
Walt & Irene DeBoni  - India/Bhutan March 2018

He was excellent - incredibly organized and very good at informing group of what to expect each day. Great at adding thing to itinerary or last minute changes to accommodate unexpected hiccups. Professional, friendly, well informed, very good first aid skills.
Suzanne Hooker - India/Bhutan March 2018

This guy is amazing. He is on top of everything at all times and for each and every traveler. His support from Maureen was extremely valuable in handling a difficult traveler and in being able to back him up when a client had a major medical emergency happened while on tour. It was great to have her as part of the team and the group.
Alice Luella (Lue) Paddack -     Lions & Tigers of India  Feb 2018

In our opinion, Nitin Dhami is the best Tour Leader.
Kembell Huyke and George Mullane -     Lions & Tigers of India  Feb 2018

My 2nd trip with nitin. 1. in every case professional. as a health prof, I was amazed at his medical knowledge, judgment, and his ability to access necessary resources everywhere we traveled. 2. nitin went out of his way to make sure I could make a meeting with a prominent NGO director in Bhutan 3. Nitin's profound knowledge in so many fields is second to none.
Earle Canfield - India/Bhutan March 2018

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